Big changes are underway in the European drone sector. As of 11 June 2019, Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 as well as Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 became publicly available. Twenty days were allocated for this regulation to come into force, and a further year was given to the Member States and operators to drive and complete the implementation process.

The new rules are an important step for the industry. The legislation defines the requirements for drone capabilities for achieving maximal safety. An example of such a condition is ensuring an individual identification of every drone that will enable national authorities to better react to certain situations when necessary.

Moreover, the EU-wide rules provide unprecedented flexibility to both recreational and professional drone users. According to the laws, operators will be required to register their drones in the Member State where they reside or conduct business. Once pilots receive a permit from a European Union state, they will have the freedom to fly their drones across the whole EU.

Further EASA actions will be focused on the provision of materials to assist the involved parties in complying with the adopted legislation. Additionally, U-space service statute might be proposed by the end of the year, bringing closer the automated drone future in the EU.

Those curious to learn more about the initiative have an opportunity to attend the High Level Conference on Drones 2019 organised by EASA in Amsterdam on 5-6 December later this year. As part of the event, numerous regulatory bodies and industry experts from around the globe will meet and discuss the topic “Scaling drone operations”.

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