The interactive map is based on the Airspace Regulation of 17.12.2016 (see here) and provides information about permanent no-fly zones and maximum altitudes applicable to recreational drones over the French territory. The interactive map is available on the geo-portal of the French IGN (see here) and can be read in parallel with the safety notice (see here) published by the French authorties. 

Permanent no-fly zones

As it is the case in many other countries, in large areas of the French airspace it is forbidden to fly drones on a permanent basis. These areas are called "no-fly zones" and defined by the French authorities for safety, security or environmental reasons. These zones typically include:

  • Airports
  • Large cities
  • Sensitive industrial sites
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Military bases
  • Prisons
  • Natural reserves

Temporary no-fly zones (not displayed on the map!)

Some no-fly zones are temporary and subject to periodic updates by the French Aeronautical Information Service (SIA). Before take-off, it is the responsibility of the drone pilot to verify the existence of these temporary zones which are not displayed on the IGN interactive map. Information about temporary no-fly zones in France is available here. Temporary no-fly zones are typically established for the following reasons:

  • Concerts and open air events
  • Tour de France and bicycling races 
  • Firefighting and rescue operations 
  • Military exercises
  • French Independence Day (14/07)
  • International summits 
  • Transport of High Personalities

Maximum altitudes

The interactive map also provides information about maximum altitudes applicable to recreational users. Maximum altitudes are defined by the French Civil Aviation Authority depending on the risk of the operation. For instance, a maximum altitude of 100 meters is authorised in rural (non-populated) areas while lower altitudes are applicable in the proximity of airports and crowded cities. In France, the altitude levels are:

  • Maximum altitude of 100 meters
  • Maximum altitude of 60 meters 
  • Maximum altitude of 50 meters
  • Maximum altitude of 30 meters 
  • General interdiction to fly over 150 meters (in the absence of no-fly zone)

For more information about aviation rules applicable to recreational drones in France, please visit our website or the website of the French Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) here. We also invite you to read the safety leaflet for recreational drones prepared by the French authorities (see the leaflet here).