Our main goal with the DroneRules PRO project is to create a privacy culture among drone users in Europe. While our online e-learning privacy course is in the final stages of development, we have a lot of other privacy and data protection resources on our website that you can use today. 

For professional drone users


Privacy Handbook

This Handbook explains the concepts of privacy and data protection, the requirements and potential risks you need to know as a professional drone user. You will also find practical examples that will help you understand the different ways you might unintentionally infringe privacy and data protection laws when flying a drone.

Privacy Case Studies

From inspecting infrastructures to filming concerts or other events to mapping and rescue missions, there are many different professional uses of unmanned aircraft. In all of these situations, different privacy and data protection concerns may arise and our case studies are here to help you understand them.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Checklist

This checklist will guide you through the 5 PIA steps: Describe, Consult, Identify, Solve, Document. This assessment can be used for both a single drone operation or multiple similar drone operations that involve the processing of personal data. 

For recreational drone users


Privacy Handbook

Our recreational user handbook is for private individuals operating a drone for their own recreational purposes, as a hobby and for fun (taking pictures or recording a video at the park, in your garden, at the beach, etc.). The handbook gives you an overview of privacy and data protection-related issues and what to keep in mind when using your drone.

Interactive Privacy Course

Learn the topic and assess your knowledge at the same time. This interactive course will take you through privacy questions you need to know as a recreational user.

Privacy Case Studies

At a local park or even in your own backyard – if there are other people around when you’re using your drone to take pictures or film a video, there are privacy and data protection risks. Find everything you need to know in our case studies.

Privacy Code of Conduct

A list of Privacy Do’s & Don’ts that you need to keep in mind when using your drone. When you’re set to fly next time, this can serve as a quick reminder of the basics.

Privacy Do’s and Don’ts Quiz

Have you read the Handbook and our case studies? Check your privacy knowledge in our quiz