1. Know and follow the rules

Check national rules before flying

The recreational use of drones covers two different types of activities:

  • Traditional flying of model aircraft in the framework of dedicated icon_green_section1.png#asset:1373aero clubs or associations. This sport is commonly known as aeromodelling
  • New emerging drone operations by hobbyists

Every country has specific rules for the recreational use of drones. Some countries have different rules for model aircraft activities and the recreational use of unmanned aircrafts (hobby activities). 

Depending on the type of drone you operate and the way you want to operate it, you might need to adhere to either one or the other set of rules. As every country has specific rules for the recreational use of drones, consult the national rules of the country in which you want to operate before take-off.

The safety recommendations listed in this guide, while not replacing the knowledge of national legislations, will help you fly your drone in a safe manner. They do not address model aircraft activities.

Drone Pilot Responsibilities

As a drone pilot you are responsible for the use and safety of your drone in regards to others. Any injury, damage to property or reckless flying could result in criminal prosecution and significant financial consequences.

Last updated : 2 June 2017

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