Privacy code of conduct

  • INFORM others about your drone use so that you remain accountable and transparent to an individual/s on the ground and answer any questions they have
  • DO ASK people for their permission before taking any picture or video of them, especially if you are flying over private space
  • RESPECT requests from others not to be included in footage or captured in a picture. If someone asks you to delete personal data about them, you should do so. 


  • USE your drone to film or record individuals in private or semi-private spaces without their permission
  • USE your drone to detect, track, monitor or to conduct surveillance of individuals
  • OPERATE a drone in a manner that would lead an individual to feel compelled to restrict their movements or modify their behaviour because of the presence of your drone
  • INTENTIONALLY record pictures, videos or audio recordings (faces, license plates, etc.) in which people can be recognised or identified without their permission
  • PUBLISH footage (audio or visual) which leads to a person being identified either directly or indirectly to an indefinite number of people, e.g., via an open blog post/ social media on the internet
  • SHARE pictures or videos that could potentially harm someone. Think before sharing any personal data on the social media