5. What are the important laws I should be aware of?


In Europe, the use of aerial photography, surveillance and other applications made possible by drones is covered by

Additionally, if you capture any personal data, that means information that could allow the recognition or identification of a person, you may also be in breach of data protection law. Any time a person’s face is visible on an image or video, it is personal data. If a person becomes easy to identify or recognise by a number of different pieces of information, such as an image of the top of their head plus audio recording of their voice, this is also personal data. This is even though the person has not been captured faced on.  

You may be in breach of data protection law if you share or publish an image with a person’s face clearly visible on the Internet (to an indefinite number of people). The European General Data Protection Regulation applies in this case. 

Other national laws protecting privacy or privacy-related infringements (nuisance, trespass etc.) may also be applicable. 

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