3. Why is this handbook important?


The information in this handbook is important for the following reasons:

  • More and more people are using drones without necessarily being aware of privacy laws. Recreational drone use is increasing as a hobby and as a means to record personal pursuits, treasured memories and experiences, whether they are on holiday, at a local park or with friends and family members.
  • Privacy matters relate to both the drone as an aircraft, as well as to the payload, the equipment or software that is fitted to the drone (e.g., photographic equipment, thermal cameras, GPS, communication relays). For instance, the mere presence of your drone in a park might make people feel uneasy or like they are under surveillance, which can threaten their privacy. If your drone is equipped with a camera or any other data recording sensor, this risk is even greater.
  • The degree of impact of drone use on the privacy of individuals can depend on:
    • The purpose for which drones are used
    • The extent and type of personal information (images and audio of individuals and their private property) that drones capture
    • How that personal data is used/ processed
    • Who is flying the drone
    • The context and location of the drone 

This handbook will help you understand what privacy risks arise during recreational drone use, such as during the example provided below:

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