1. What is this handbook?


This handbook is an easy to read guide about key privacy and data protection risks that arise when you are operating drones for recreational purposes. It explains and illustrates the concepts of privacy and data protection as applied to drones. It provides good practice advice and answers questions about practical examples that may help you assess privacy risks of your drone use.

This handbook will:

  • Help you understand your basic privacy and data protection obligations when using a drone as recreational user. A recreational user may use drones for exclusively personal or household activities, which would relieve them of any obligations under the EU Data Protection framework. Such activity should have no connection with professional or commercial activity but could include correspondence and the holding of addresses, and some social networking and online activity.
  • Help you understand how to fulfil your privacy obligations when using a drone as a recreational user to minimise risk to yourself and others.

To better understand this Handbook, also look at our Case Studies and the Code of conduct for recreational users.

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