Summary of Safety rules in EU

In Europe, the use of a drone is considered an aviation activity. In order to protect people and property on the ground and other aircraft in the air, many National Aviation Authorities have therefore established mandatory safety rules to ensure that your drone flight does not endanger anyone (or anything). These national regulations on aeromodels exclusively apply to recreational users and hobbyists flying a drone for private purposes.  

Before take-off, you should always inform yourself about applicable regulations and follow some basic safety rules. 

These rules differ from country to country but typically include flying restrictions such as:

  • The obligation to fly your drone below a certain altitude 
  • The obligation to remain at a minimum distance from people 
  • The obligation to maintain visual contact with your drone at all times
  • The obligation to register your drone with the competent authority
  • The interdiction to fly over certain areas (cities, airports, stadiums, etc.) 
  • The interdiction to fly at night or during certain weather conditions
  • The interdiction to interfere with other aircraft, especially at low altitude

If you want to learn more about safety and operation rules, we invite you to visit the resources section of this website. 

In case of remaining doubt on the legal aspect of your operation, please contact your National Aviation Authority. 

Finally, you should always know that failing to comply with local laws may result in significant financial penalties and/or legal consequences.

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