Summary of Privacy rules in EU

In Europe, privacy and the protection of personal data are recognised fundamental human rights. European and national legislation protects us from external intrusions, considering them illegal. This includes interferences resulting from the use of drones.

As a recreational drone user, you should always keep in mind that your activity is potentially invasive to other people’s privacy and that data protection legislation may apply to you. 

If your drone is equipped with a camera, a video recorder or any other similar device and you capture personal data, including people’s pictures, conversations, location, etc., data protection legislation could apply to you.  This does not mean that you cannot fly drones equipped with a camera, but that you must always use drones responsibly and not interfere with the privacy of other people. You should also pay attention to the information you capture, if you plan on sharing it with others, beyond your family and close friends.

In any event, you should not take photographs, videos or sound recordings of people in their home, their garden, their car, etc. without their permission; and remember that data protection and privacy rules apply even in public spaces. People’s property may also be protected under certain circumstances.  

There is a risk that your drone activity may become privacy intrusive, even if your drone is not equipped with a camera or other sensors and recording tools.  People may feel observed by the drone and adapt their behaviour accordingly. If your drone activity violates someone's private life, remember that this person may protect their privacy in court or before the national data protection authority

So that you use your drone responsibly, you can learn more about privacy and data protection risks and related regulations on this website.

Last updated : 18 January 2018