Summary of Insurance rules in EU

In Europe, any machine that is operated in the air is considered by law as an aircraft and drones are included. 

Regardless of its weight, size and speed, a drone can cause substantial damages to people and property. Real life examples include:

  • Bodily injuries, such as children being permanently impaired by a drone propeller 
  • Property damages, such as drones crashing on cars

If a drone incident occurs, you, as the drone operator or owner, must identify yourself to the injured person and the authorities. You may also have to pay a financial compensation to the victim, for which the amounts may vary significantly from country to country.

In order to avoid putting yourself at great financial risk, you should therefore verify – as a minimum – that your homeowner’s or private liability insurance covers recreational drone activities. If not, you are strongly advised to request your insurer to add this coverage, or to purchase a specific drone insurance. In some EU Member States such insurance is even mandatory and needs to be in place before flying. 

In all cases, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy (including geographic coverage) and make sure you comply with them during your flight.