4. What is privacy?


In the EU, privacy is recognised as a fundamental human right. It is protected by national and European public bodies and individuals can protect themselves in court against privacy-invasive behaviour. The right to privacy is recognised as the fundamental right to respect for private and family life. More specifically, it is protected by the following Articles:

  • Article 7 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU
  • Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights

What do we mean by privacy?

People have privacy in their personal lives, homes, communications and opinions. Privacy is the freedom of people to choose what, how and with whom to share. The right to privacy empowers people to decide what is known about them. It allows people to act and think freely without fear of being observed, monitored or profiled.

People’s location and personal context influence their reasonable expectations of how much privacy they have and they may change the way they act. However, no matter where people are – whether they are at home or in a public space, they have a right not to be targeted and followed.

When do I have to comply with the right to privacy?

Since privacy is a fundamental right of all persons, you should always respect it. Whenever you use drones to carry out your professional/ commercial activity, you should take steps not to infringe the privacy of others.

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