The Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) – German Agency for Flight Safety issued in June 2016 new guidelines regarding the approval of operation for drones below 25 kg which are operated within visual line of sight and not exclusively for sports or recreational purposes. Since it is the responsibility of the Bundesländer (federal states) to implement these guidelines, procedures may vary in detail. However, these may accept an approval which was granted by another federal state or country.

According to the guidelines (unofficial translation here), applicants for a single approval on the operation of a drone lighter than 25 kg are required to provide:
- evidence of a suitable insurance,
- details on the location and time of the flight,
- technical details of the drone,
- evidence of appropriate qualification of the operator,
- a declaration of the operator that the operation does not infringe privacy,
- as required, other documents (e.g. clearance by the police, declaration of consent of the owner of the overflown properties)

The German text of the guidelines can be accessed via the website of the DFS. For more information, you can address yourself to UAV DACH, the UAS association for German-speaking countries or to the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (BMVI), the German Ministry of Transportation and digital Infrastructure.