In Europe, the use of drones is only possible under certain conditions established by law. When you fly a drone, you become de facto users of the airspace. Airspace is a regulated space. To operate your drone, you must therefore obey the aviation rules applicable in your country. The use of a drone equipped with a camera or other sensor might be highly intrusive. You must always respect others' privacy and personal data, complying to the applicable regulations. Finally, as operating a drone may represent safety risks, do not forget to comply with your insurance obligations.

Flying a drone for a BUSINESS ACTIVITY?

Flying a drone for a PRIVATE ACTIVITY?

It is always your responsibility as the operator of a drone to stay informed about the regulations and restrictions that are applicable. This website provides you with the basic information and the necessary guidance material on how to responsibly operate a drone in the European airspace.

When you have doubts about whether your recreational or professional drone use is permitted and under which conditions by law, always refer to the national authorities.

Failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations may result in significant financial penalties and/or legal consequences.